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The secret to a perfect Sicilian Cannolo is mainly in waffle recipe. You will say “What does it take?”. But the Sicilian tradition is very strict. Ancient made waffles by frying them one by one at home: it were used to wrap and frying the dough in a piece of river reed to obtain the typical waffles. At Nonna Vincenza’s laboratories it is still so. Cannoli pods, are rigorously prepared by hand.

Cassatelle di Agira

Frutta Martorana
Pasta di Mandorla
Pasta di Mandorla al Pistacchio
Olivette di Sant’Agata

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The true tradition

Cannoli, le cassate, le cassatelle di Agira, le le Almond paste, gli Arancini…are dishes that cannot miss in Sicilians houses.


Nonna Vincenza is linked to Christianity traditions. You will find a careful selection of products strongly linked to Christianity holidays in our patisseries: at Christmas, Easter, or at the celebrations of Saint Agatha (Catania’s Patron Patron). In Sicily, every holiday is an opportunity to get together and enjoy, also with typical dishes.


Nonna Vincenza’s laboratories don’t do only pastries. In ours shops you can find also Arancini (classic or in different traditional flavours), and other proposals of Sicilian rotisserie. You can also buy pistachio pestles, olive oil and pâté, everything selected for you by Nonna Vincenza Find out them in our E-Commerce .

I Rosoli

Produced and offered to guests as a sign of good luck since the sixteenth century. To serve rosoli at the end of the meal is a really rooted tradition, and nowadays we like to experiment new rosolio recipes. Find out all new variety in our E-Commerce. .

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