Typical Agira’s pastry, with almonds and honey filling

Honey and almonds wrapped in a band

Soft and tasty like as the two different mixtures where is wrapped up. They are a typical baked cake of Nonna Vincenza’s hometown, Agira, less known than Cassatella but still very good in its simplicity. With his traditional processing, you can taste in detail every typical flavours of the past, the soft pastry is perfect mixed with the savoured and appetizing filling.

Avola almond

from our seasonal harvests between Avola and Noto

Fresh eggs

from the collaboration with local companies.


Biscuit Ingredients:
all-purpose flour, fat, sugar, eggs.

The Filling
almonds (48%), honey, all-purpose flour 00, cinnamon.

Icing: (where present)
sugar, water, alcohol, lemon, anethole aroma, benevento aroma.

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have a snack with nonna

Holy Christmas

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