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Pastry workshops:
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Vincenza’s In Nonna laboratories, in Catania, we have organized numerous pastry workshops with schools or with several non-profit organizations dedicated to children. Hosting so many small pastry chefs is always a funny and exciting experience. A custom gown and a chef hat: it takes very little to inspire et make happy our little guests!

Contact us if you want to organize an initiative with Nonna Vincenza, we will be happy to satisfy it!

Martorana Fruit Laboratory

Last Saturday afternoon we spent a fun afternoon with the children of Catania who participated in the Martorana fruit workshop. Between colors and various shapes we have made together with our master pastry chef of colorful sweets of royal paste and collected real masterpieces of pastry 🤗.
Thanks to all participants 👏🏻

Grandparents’ Day 2021

The beauty is in the simple things, like a beautiful afternoon of celebration, surrounded by sea and rain. Saturday, October 2, we shared moments of lightheartedness with grandparents and their beautiful grandchildren, flocked to our pastry shop in Piazza Mancini Battaglia in Catania for the workshop of Pizza “Pizza, Amore e Fantasia” born thanks to the collaboration with Jalè Pizzeria Gourmet.


In 2020, the company confirmed various certifications that attest the quality systems of artisanal preparation of sweets and goods by Nonna Vincenza. The certifications confirmed are: ISO 9001:2015 for quality management, ISO 14001:2015 for environmental management systems, UNI 10854:19999 for hygienic safety of food products, OHSAS 18001:2007 for safety and health management system of workers.

Continuous updating for the team

Nonna Vincenza’s teams to always enchant everyone doing a continuous updating in their work system to combines love of tradition with new experiences. In this way the Nonna Vincenza’s family is expanding: the world champion of pastry and chocolate art Tommaso Molara comes to visit our team every month for training and consulting on pralineria and particular subjects. . Puppets, saplings, candles and many cute little chocolate animals, are created with wise instructions of Molara master to amaze young and old.

Finalists at the Foodservice Awards Italy

Nonna Nincenza ranked in the first 9 finalists in her category. The brand was also in the third edition of Foodservice Award Italy, the award that EDIFIS Eventi organizes in collaboration with retail&food magazines and Ristorando, in which are called only all catering chains operating in Italy with at least 3 active outlets. The Foodservice Award Italy boasts other previous editions in which there was a growing number of formats: 52 in 2015 and 73 in 2017, becoming an increasingly recognition in the retail sector.

Arancina Festival in Eataly

In 2018 Nonna Vincenza and the other major realities of Sicilian gastronomy, were hosted for a weekend in honour of Arancina, the fried dish that make the world crazy by Eataly Roma. Three days in which Nonna Vincenza’s team prepared numerous Cannoli and classic Cassate. In this Roman escape, you couldn’t miss Almond Granite with his croissants, but also traditional products such as Martorana fruit, pestos, jams and rosoli. It was a great success in which also the public confirmed the great love of Sicilian recipes.

Nonna Vincenza on 26 and 27 May 2017
was also the official supplier of G7 in Taormina

the G7 Summit was held in Taormina (ME), a meeting between the Heads of State and Government of the main European Union industrialized economies. Nonna Vincenza’s pastry shop was chosen to provide sweets during meals by the Interior Minister. It was an opportunity to show the most emblematic Sicilian recipes to the different participants from all over the world.

Nonna Vincenza turns 20

In 2017, the company celebrates a great milestone: twenty years passed from the first opening of the historic headquarters in Piazza San Placido in Catania, few meters from Piazza Duomo and Teatro Bellini. Time passed quickly, but the family’s conviction in producing authentic product, without industrial “shortcuts”, has meant that still today everything remain unchanged and linked to Nonna Vincenza’s traditions. The company is also a Sicilian flavours’s ambassador, them exporting their goods beyond the Messina strait, every week a load of fresh and selected ingredients is send for make cassatine and cannoli anywhere like Nonna Vincenza. Most important store are in Catania, Rome and Milan, but we would like to come in overseas.

The special Poste Italiane postage stamp

In 2017, during 20th company anniversary celebration, Nonna Vincenza received a special postage stamp from Poste Italiane. This special type of postmark, which goes on the stamp, gives it a particular added value. Nonna Vincenza brought together all island philately’s fans during the celebration at the historic headquarters of Piazza San Placido 7 in Catania, on September 30, 2017. Behind this occasion, Poste Italiane dedicated three special postcards to Nonna Vincenza, made with photos of Carmelo Bongiorno photographer, who has made for the company many dedicated photo shoots. This special postmark was deposited at the Museum of Communication in Rome.

Close to children, even those furthest away

In 2005 the company took an important choice, long distance adoption. Paolo Pistone, company’s administrator, and his family decide to do a long distance adoption for each employees in the company. This is how, today, Nonna Vincenza contributes actively at the Save the Children program. Nonna Vincenza has also carried out other small social intervention initiatives in the local territory.

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