Cannolo Siciliano

Original recipe with ricotta cheese or in other variants

Myths and legends

One of the legends about its origin tells that he was born in Caltanissetta (in Arabic “castle of women”), during the Arab domination. Here many women lived in harems and cooked this dish for their men. Its name comes from the common reed, whose stem was cut into short sections, today replaced by less romantic steel tubes, used to wrap the dough that is fried to form the crisp envelope called a glimpse.

According to another tradition the name is linked at a joke born inside a Sicilian monastery, when some gourmet monks thought to celebrate the carnival, replacing the water of fountain with ricotta cheese cream, in the tanks and water troughs. At the origin, cannoli were prepared only during Carnival, as many traditionally Sicilian pastry. Over time they have become the emblem of Sicilian pastry in the world and have spread throughout the year.

Handmade waffles


and fried in a traditional way, like the ancient doing in the past

Cannolo, the king of Sicilian pastry, made with the passion that only a grandmother can have. Crunchy and sweet, it is always made in the old-fashioned way.

In our laboratories we made more than 1000 waffles each day. Many are covered inside with a layer of chocolate (to avoid that filling dunk the wafer itself) and then stuffed with ricotta, chocolate and many other delicious creams, to satisfy even the most sophisticated palates. Or they are left without filling to be stuffed on request inside our pastries shop.

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