Happiness is Nonna!

We love to make you sweet emotions to live

A smile will welcome you

in our stores

A wonderful journey
through Sicilian flavours.

In Nonna Vincenza’s workshop you have the feeling of going back in time, in a magnificent and pleasant journey where the ancients like Verga and De Roberto narrated Sicily. It isn’t just literary but pure reality that expresses the passion, commitment and enthusiasm of those who believe in their dreams and always try to achieve them.

Today our stores implement Nonna Vincenza and her children philosophy and make “strong emotions” at all of their guest by putting in a relaxing and joyful context mixed at the quality and genuineness of our goods.

Like Sundays at
Grandma’s House

Enjoying a pastry in our shops it means a goodness moments to escape from daily stress. It’s like going to Grandma’s house on Sundays, she cooks for you and she always gives you a smile, a sweet while she listens everyone’s troubles with her patience. Those Sundays with our family, where we sharing, where we can find our brothers, our cousins or that aunt that you never have time to visit. – Nonna Vincenza is also a meeting point and so… happiness is Nonna!

Bad day?

Book your pastry, pick them up and enjoy!
An occasion to celebrate or just a sudden desire for goodness to share with your family, you will always find a wide range of fresh products. . For Catania, Rome and Milan, check home delivery!

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