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are lovely made and our tradition is send and exported.

Our family tradition

is a Sicily history

Our Workshop

In our Workshop is very important to follow the ancient Sicilian recipe, even if it take long time.


The quality that distinguishing our products give us priceless satisfaction, especially when we can see happiness faces to our customers when they taste our goods.

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We follow all pastry basic rules. Nonna Vincenza still prepares her cakes with the same passion of ancestor.

Sicily Pastry and Tradition

Sweetness since 1997.

Once upon a time, still today we have Nonna Vincenza, a very sprightly and pretty granny who has the habit of making wonderful desserts. This is the history of an ancient confectionery that start around 1930s in Agira, a little fairy-tale village in the Sicilian hinterland, where confectionery is renowned: le cassatelle, le infasciatelle, i buccellati, gli amaretti, le nocatole are sweets pastry know around the world.

As a child, she was fascinated by rite of making sweets, then Vincenza attended her Aunt Provvidenza’s workshop, a lay nun’s confectionery of the country who make pastry for local’s wedding banquets. The betrothed liked so much Sister Provvidenza and Vincenza’s works that, around the 1940s, where wedding banquets was based in pastries and rosoli, for events, at first they booked the sweets and then thought to everything else. A lot of art and skill, mixed with hard work and sacrifice forge and prepare the little Vincenza in her true life passion: she loves make Pastry for her loved ones.

Years goes happily, preparing different goodness for weddings, births, communions, confirmations and to celebrate all the sacred holidays. Then Vincenza becomes a woman; she also became passionate about music, she sings in the parish choir and, between a pastry and a sing, she met Giuseppe, the music teacher, they fell in love, and soon got married. We let you guess who made the sweets for the wedding… Vincenza devote herself to her husband and their seven children with love, making her traditionally Sicilian pastries only for them. In their house you can breathe a joyful air, mixed with wonderful melodies, children’s voices and inebriating smells of cinnamon, vanilla and lemons.

The Value of the Family

handed down from generation.

Around 1970s, Vincenza and her loved ones, moved in Catania to offer them a better future. While moving, she accidentally found out an ancient tin casket, in the confusion of the boxes, contains the “recipes” that accompanied Vincenza in her most important moments of her life. Opening it, a strong vanilla smell inebriating Vincenza, awakening in her timeless memories and the “mission” of her life. Then, she begin to make homemade cakes for her closest friends, with her sons, between housework, with an extraordinary passion.

Each years, this “friends-customers” circle expands and Vincenza consider the idea of opening a Pastry Shop in Catania. Imagine a pastry shop where customers are welcomed with care and love, are considered as loved ones, where the traditional sweets are offered and made with the same dedication and passion which an aunt, a mother, a grandmother made for her loved ones, to give them a peacefully moments of joy and “wonderful emotions”. Therefore her wish must be temporarily set aside by husband’s hesitation, because he doesn’t believe in a possible success of her business.

However Vincenza’s love of making pastries doesn’t stop growing and in 90’s her dream finally came true. Meanwhile, Vincenza became Grandmother and she open her first Pastry Shop named“I Dolci di Nonna Vincenza”,in the heart of Catania, in Piazza San Placido inside Palazzo Biscari, few meters from Piazza Duomo and Bellini Theatre. The life experience, the love of Sicilian traditions and the wish to maintain the Sicilian culture’s heritage are Vincenza’s basic ingredients that help her and her family to start her business. Immediately, a selected and refined clientele is brings together to the love of the most ancient and genuine Sicilian flavours.

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