Almond Paste Cookies with Pistachio

Typical Sicilian pastries with Almond and Pistachio.

The most important variant of Almond Paste cookies 

The most important variant of classic almond paste cookies, with a less widespread fruit, but much appreciated. Taste one of these sweetness means to taste the ground burnt by the sun, the volcanic ashes, the winds of sirocco, this particular climate create the typical aroma and the sweet and delicate taste of Sicilian Pistachio, that is certified since 2009 by the D.O.P. seal of quality. Nonna Vincenza knows well how pistachio is healthy, thanks to its chromatic nuances and organoleptic properties. Pistachio gives good mood, reduces stress, helps the cardiovascular system, and always manage to reach adults and children’s hearts.


from our seasonal harvests in province of Catania and Trapani

Fresh eggs

from the collaboration with local companies.


Biscuits ingredients:
sugar, pistachio (26%), almond, honey or jam, egg white, corn starch or wheat.

Sweet occasions to taste Paste Almond and Pistachio Paste cookies

tasting sicily

I love pistacchio

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