I Buccellati

Typical Christmas pastries with almonds and dried figs filling.

Perfect for feasts

At Nonna Vincenza’s house the most important Christmas pastries are Buccellati, that are perfect for each feast with them flavoured icing and the coloured confetti. Throughout Sicily there are different versions, Nonna Vincenza make them with a classic honey filling, dried fruit, sultanas, chocolate and with the most important and characteristic ingredient: dried figs. The ancient origin of these specialties refers to Latin buccella, morsel, which recalls the graceful size of a morsel.

Avola almond

from our seasonal harvests between Avola and Noto

Fresh eggs

from the collaboration with local companies.


Biscuit Ingredients:
all-purpose flour, fat, sugar, eggs.

The Filling:
honey, almonds (21%), hazelnuts, dried figs, sultanas, dark chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa paste, vanilla, soy lecithin), pistachios, walnuts.

sugar, water, alcohol, lemon, anethole aroma, benevento aroma.

Sweet occasions to taste Buccellati


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