Le Nocatole

Also Typical Christmas pastries with almond filling

A sweet star-shaped tradition

Among the most beautiful pastries that you can find at Nonna Vincenza’s house there are also some pretty stars called Nocatole. This cookies are made with an almond heart and a special white icing based on sugar, liqueur and lemon that makes them crisp and pleasant to look as well as to taste. They are usually made during holiday periods in Sicily.

Avola almonds

from our seasonal harvests between Avola and Noto

Fresh eggs

from the collaboration with local companies


Biscuit Ingredients:
all-purpose flour, fat, sugar, eggs.
The Filling:
sugar, almonds (44%), eggs, liqueur (alcohol, water, sugar, lemon, anethole aroma, benevento aroma)
the Icing:
sugar, water, alcohol, lemon, anethole aroma, Benevento aroma

Sweet occasions to taste Nocatole

With friends

Holy Christmas
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