Pistachio pesto Croutons

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Nonna Vincenza’s pistachio pesto croutons are a delicious and fast appetizer. Our Pesto is made with 60% of high quality of pistachio and a bit of oil, it is also a good base recipes to make delicious dishes

Nonna Vincenza tell always that the most important thing is to use genuine goods that came from a little and controlled supply chain and guaranteed by all quality control. To offer its customers only the best of Sicily.

Is really simple to made these Pistachio croutons.

Cut the bread baguette into slices, bake them in the oven at 150° and toast until became golden; let them cool.

Spread with a little pistachio pesto and add a slice of mortadella, or for a gourmet dish, just replace the mortadella with shrimp freshly washed in the pan.

Nonna Vincenza produces many products: from dry desserts, such as cookies made totally with almonds, or with pistachios or hazelnuts, to fresh desserts that every day you can find and taste at our stores in Catania, Rome and Milan. Don’t forget the unmissable cannolo, always filled on the spot, to not lose crunchiness of wafer, with fresh ricotta cheese at Km 0.

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