The beneficial properties of Almonds

Grandma's advices

Almonds are the most common and appreciated dried fruits and oilseeds. This Almond tree seed that came from a Rosacea family plant such as peach, is easily recognize due to beautiful white or pink flowers that appear in spring. There are many typical products in Italy but our unmistakable Almond of Pizzuta di Avola are the most wanted gastronomic excellences in the world.

The secret of Almond is the excellent nutritional values that distinguish it.

Almonds are perfect for many delicious preparations and uses. Nonna Vincenza use them in a lot of her typical dishes: in first for Almond Pastries , and also for amaretti, le infasciatelle, i Nougats, i Crunchy , la Almonds Cream, Almonds Milk (cool summer drink) or ,Almond Paste, (Sicilian pastries ingredient).

Well, whether it is a good and loved food, there is no doubt, but what are the properties of almonds, which make them a “healthy food”?

We know that scientific research and experts recommend a daily intake of nuts (about 30 grams) to ward off numerous diseases, to protect the organism and keep it in shape. Compared to walnuts, rich in proprieties too, Almond is low fat and rich in excellent proprieties.

Almond can be considered a complete and high quality food, they contain:

  • B vitamins
  • E vitamins
  • protein
  • calories
  • calcium
  • iron
  • magnesium
  • potassium
  • copper
  • phosphorus
  • fatty acids and omega-3

Almond is healthy thank of all these component. It has also:

  • antioxidant properties (mainly contained in the dark skin of almonds, so it is better to eat them with); them protect against oxidative stress, responsible for cellular aging that contributes to developing diseases such as cancer trough E vitamins and unsaturated acids;
  • beneficial properties for intestine, thanks to the presence of fibres
  • beneficial properties for the nervous system, thanks to magnesium that helps in case of stress and fatigue
  • anti-inflammatory properties due to “good” omega-3 fatty acids
  • useful properties for bones health thanks to the high calcium content
  • anti-cholesterol properties thanks to the presence of Omega-3 fatty acids that promote the heart and circulation health, keeping low triglycerides

In summary, Almonds are excellent in fighting free radicals, protect the body and keep it away from diseases like diabetes or cardio-vascular disorders. Well, this is possible only if you eat dried fruit regularly.

To fully enjoy the properties of almonds, in general, it is recommended to take about 20-30 grams (15 almonds), eating them without removing the brown skin, which contains many of the nutrients and without exceeding this dosage, because, like nuts, they are highly caloric foods. A healthy tip, in addition to using them as an ingredient for your desserts you can eat them as a snack to reduce hunger.

One last indication: almonds with peel can be kept for a few months, while almond without peel should be consumed quickly and stored in a cool and dry place. We have seen what the properties of almonds are, and now we just have to recommend you some Nonna Vincenza preparations based on almonds.




N.B. The information in this article in any case replace the instructions of your doctor.

Nonna Vincenza produces many products: from dry desserts, such as cookies made totally with almonds, or with pistachios or hazelnuts, to fresh desserts that every day you can find and taste at our stores in Catania, Rome and Milan. Don’t forget the unmissable cannolo, always filled on the spot, to not lose crunchiness of wafer, with fresh ricotta cheese at Km 0.

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