Typical Sicilian Pastry

Nonna Vincenza’s history

Sicilian history

Nonna Vincenza’s history begins in a little village next to Enna, Agira, where she became a little pastry-making since at the age of 6. She grew up, get married and moved to Catania, where finally, in 1997, she made her dream come true. Thanks to the support of her children, she finally open her first Pastry shop.

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as tradition dictates!


Nonna Vincenza produces lots of best craft products: from dry pastries, like almond pastries, to fresh pastries, like Cannolo Siciliano, that you can find every day in our store in Catania, Roma, Milano.

The mystery ingredient?

It is always Love!

Best Sicily’s merchandise is selected by Nonna Vincenza and her family: Bronte’s Pistachio, Avola’s Almond, Honey from Hyblaean highlands, ricotta from bests dairies, but the most important ingredient is always Love, Love for what we do, what we make.

Il cannolo siciliano

Did you know the real secret of Cannolo?

True Cannolo has very ancient origins. You think that make Cannolo will be simple, but you need a lot of experience. Nonna Vincenza doesn’t use shortcuts, she made every step in an artisan way.

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Nonna Vincenza believes in young and promotes social initiatives in support of weakest. Discover how we carry out with passion and love our initiatives, as a family, taking care of its loved ones.

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Come and visit our store, you will always find a smile to welcome you. In our philosophy kindness and courtesy can really change people’s day. You can find us in Catania, Roma and Milano.